Weird Science

Weird science is a term used for fun and wacky science experiments and ideas.

Often, fun science experiments are used to teach children scientific principles in an entertaining, yet educational way.

One of the topics covered in this archive is the popular stink bomb. A Stink bomb is a small bomb that is designed to give off a foul odor when it explodes. One will find variety of stink-bombs due to the fact that these can be used in various ways for example in a simple and easy prank on friends. Some high grade stink bombs are also used to control a mob in riot and suchlike.

The best stink bomb is that which contains a combination of a number of unpleasant smells of biological origins such as poop, fart, vomit, burnt hair, rotten garbage, rotten eggs, body odor, which can gross out any sane person. It has been found that a blend of different stinky ingredients in the stink bomb formula are more effective over time opposed to one single stink bomb ingredient, as it is much easier to get used to one smell but if there are different ingredients, the stench is long lasting and hence has a greater effect thereby resulting in more fun.

There are different ways to detonate the stink bomb. Liquid stink bombs can be poured on a floor behind a door or a pot and will work wonders. These can also be shot from a water pistol. Some people like to use the ultimate stink bomb just like the conventional bombs by throwing a bottle or light bulb and let the stench spread. One can even vaporize these stink bombs by a firecracker in a plastic bottle.

It is possible for anyone who wants a little fun to make a stink bomb as they are very easy to make. Another plus point is that one can make a stink bomb with household items.

Here in the Weird Science category, you will not only read about various ways to build easy stink bombs but will also learn to make realistic looking blood, sticky slime, and homemade glue and much more!