Secret Weapons

The quest for super-power status and military supremacy is driving nations across the world to a mad race of developing or acquiring secret weapons.

What is a secret weapon? Put simply, a secret weapon is a weapon about which there is no official word or the owner or state has deliberately kept its identity concealed. For example, before it was first used, atomic bomb’s existence was kept secret.

Secret weapons are both developed on a large as well as a small scale. Although the degree may vary, the intention behind both is the same; to keep its design a secret so that its use cannot be predicted. If you are a James Bond fan, you would have witnessed the use of several secret weapons in his novels and movies. However, it isn’t intended to keep the existence of such weapons a secret forever but only till the time it has been used.

The articles in this section chronicle the various secret weapons that have been used or tested in the past.

The idea of this category is to let you get a glimpse of their features, technologies, potential good and bad features of secret weapons from around the world.