How to Make Weapons

A weapon is generally considered to be any instrument used in fighting, hunting, attack, or self defense.

It should be noted that weapons can be as plain as a stone or baton, or a little more advanced, such as, a pistol that would inflict harm on one person, or as complex as a rocket launcher or ballistic missile that can inflict harm on many people.

Combat was initially referred as an armed conflict between two military forces in warfare, but now the terms ‘combat’ and ‘fighting’ are taken as one, and hence the general definition of Combat is: The act of fighting any contest or violent conflict with the purpose to establish supremacy over the opposing party.

Weapons and Combat are closely related for the reason that typically, combat is mostly done with the use of weapons. There also can be combat without weapons, generally referred to as: Unarmed Combat.

There is another form of combat, known close combat, where the opponents fight at a close range as opposed to fighting from a distance. During this type of fight, hand to hand combat weapons are used or no weapons are used. Usually considered the best combat weapons are a sword, knife, baton or tomahawk.

Weapons need not be hard to obtain when you can make your own homemade weapons. This category you will find a lot of exclusive and interesting information on improvised and homemade weapons and combat. Including information on how to make weapons, for both individual combat and close combat.

Also more exotic weapons, such as; blow darts; explosive pens; launchers and much more!