Hypnotism & Mind Power

The power of the mind is unbelievable; many scientists suggest we have not even come close to realizing its full potential.

Hypnotism is a perfect example of the power of the mind. Hypnotism is the artificially induced trance like state in which the subject is highly susceptible to suggestion, oblivious to all else, and responds readily to the commands of the hypnotist.

For thousands of years people have recognized the power of hypnosis to enhance learning, heal emotional scars, improve performance, change habits and speed the healing process and many have trained in the art of hypnotizing someone.

Looking from a medical perspective, hypnosis has been studied in many clinical situations with varying degrees of success. It has been used as a painkiller, for weight loss, treatment of skin disease, and a way to soothe anxious surgical patients.

The human brain is the center of the human nervous system and is a highly complex organ. The brain is the source of all our behavior, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Mind is the human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested principally in thought, insight, emotion, will, memory,and imagination.

Mind power is the secret to get rid of the sabotaging beliefs that prevent many people achieving their true potential in relationships, career or prosperity.

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