For nearly 10 years, bombshock.test discussed information on homemade bombs and explosives.

Our documents had been presented for study, and to discuss theory and were never intended to aid in the construction of the discussed devices. We have never condone the making of explosives at home – It is both illegal and highly dangerous.

This section has closed down.

If you are looking for information on how to make explosives, rocketry and pyrotechnics, and are serious about learning factual, tried and tested knowledge – I would recommend you be very careful with what you find on the internet.

So much information out there is copied and pasted, with mistakes occurring all along the way. So much information in this section alone is completely wrong.

So where can you find reliable, tried and tested information?

The only site I recommend you visit is: Pyronfo boasts over 100 high quality, categorized books and manuals on explosives, rocketry, shaped charges, pyrotechnics, smoke bombs and more. Forget about what you are finding on google – 99% of it is rubbish!