How to Disappear & New Identity

Living off the grid, or disappearing and living free is the idea and practice of living in this modern age and leaving no recorded trail – paper or otherwise. When practicing this lifestyle one will not be traceable or detectable using various state, private and corporate databases. This practice is often referred to ‘Living off the grid’.

The practice of ‘living off the grid’ is always intentionally performed as it is too easy to conform to the standard routines of divulging personal information on an almost daily basis without knowing it.

Voting, car registration, reward systems and social security are all examples of systems that harbor personal information en masse. These databases provide those with access to private information on literally hundreds of millions of Americans today.

To ‘live free’ means you will not be able to be found – ever. First, you must learn how to disappear and create a new identity. Your identity is then kept entirely sheltered from anyone wishing to dig up information on you. Your history is wiped and your future is unrecorded. Living free is a lifestyle, and a lifestyle very different from that which most people are accustomed to living.

Why would someone choose to disappear and live free? The reasons are as varied as the people that practice living free. The most popular reason behind living free is that someone has a past for which they want to disassociate themselves with. This can be from either a crime they committed, to being the victim of a crime – through to cultural and family reasons. Ultimately, living free liberates and empowers the individual to live the life they wish to live.

How do you disappear completely? The most popular and widely practiced method of living free is by simply leaving your old identity behind and creating a new identity. All associations with your old identity are severed on one particular date, at one particular time. All future dealings are represented by your new identity. The specifics of this method are both complex and intricate, requiring very careful attention to detail. One small oversight could link old to new – completed ruining your whole ‘new’ identity. This method is often referred to as ‘re-birthing’.

Living free is not for everyone, and it is not needed by most. For some it is seen as the most liberating and empowering lifestyle change they could make.

This category presents numerous articles on ‘living off the grid’, how to disappear and how to create a new identity. Say goodbye to big brother and start living free!